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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a 3.6 quake has rattled the bay area. we begin this hour with some breaking news this morning. if you are just waking up perhaps you felt it about 25 minutes ago a 3.6 quake rattling the bay area a little bit ago. >> here's what we have learned about it. it was centered just about one mile east of berkeley according to the u.s. geological survey. we have had a lot of different people call our newsroom. they felt it in concord, near san francisco and we had a lot of people posting on our facebook page about this earthquake. >> clifford in san francisco says, it woke him up out of a
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dead sleep. i imagine that happened to a lot of people. no word yet of any damage but i can tell you we felt it right here in the cbs 5 studio. we were talking about lawrence about ready to toss over to weather and i think grace was speaking and i could feel the anchor desk shaking a little bit and sometimes it does that anyway so i said, no, this isn't right. and i mouthed the word earthquake to lawrence. we found out it was a quake 3.6. you can see it here on this seismograph. the yellow is the earthquake that just happened. is that correct? >> the red. we had two earthquakes last week 3.8 and 4.0 one in afternoon the other in the evening very similar along the hayward fault near uc-berkeley. >> we have a viewer on the phone, dolores lives in castro valley and was apparently woken
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up by this earthquake. dolores, what did you feel? >> i just felt my bed move. i thought i don't know what i thought it was. that's what woke me up. >> grace, this is the third one in less than a week. were you thinking oh, my goodness here we go again? >> i didn't feel the first one. i was in san jose last week when the first two happened this one i was lying in bed and this woke me up. >> were there things shaking or bumping around? >> my bed. woke me up and i looked at my ceiling and my bed moved and i felt it. >> we're looking at the seismograph. it was a good shaker 3.6. are you concerned the third earthquake in less than a week now? >> i try not to be. [ laughter ] >> you live right on the hayward fault line, too, right up there in the hills, right? >> yes. itt is. >> there anyone in the bay area
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who felt it? >> live in a studio in the back and i don't know if she felt it or not. >> do you have any pets? >> no we didn't have any pets. >> no reaction from them. >> no. >> amazing that dolores, if you felt this one, this is the weakest of the three that we have had from that same area that same epicenter mile east of berkeley and you said you didn't feel any of the ones last week where were you in the same area? >> actually last week i was in san jose in the morning and the evening hours one of my friends felt it in pleasanton. she felt it. >> all right. thank you very much for some of your insights. all is well. but a little bit of a shaker today. have a good day. >> that's for sure. thank you. >> thank you for calling and sharing. let's check in with lawrence now. lawrence, there's a sight right there. stadium in berkeley with a complete overhaul. >> the hayward fault runs right
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under the stadium. it is something else. the hayward fault is the fault we're mosted concerned with now in the bay area. we all remember the big earthquake in '89 along the san andreas but now we realize that the hayward is locked and loaded and ready to go at any time. so we started to see these earthquakes and start to see a cluster of earthquakes and, of course, with each one people get concerned. this is a strike slip fault just like the san andreas 10 what we're seeing a boundary between two plates. we're talking tectonics and i know it's early in the morning. you have the pacific plate and north american plate sliding against each other. one is moving north and the other a little south so eventually something has to give. it's only creeping at less than an inch a year but after a while some of that gets locked up and so you get all that stored energy and then finally when it slips, that's when you get an earthquake. that's what we're seeing this morning. so far nothing major. so far nothing to worry about. but i think it does raise a point that folks you always
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need to be prepared no matter what because we never know the hour or the minute when that earthquake is going to hit. and by the time that big one hits, if you're not ready, then it's too late. >> lawrence, you mentioned, you know, that's what you fear whenever we have these earthquakes, these small ones you never know how large they are going to be in magnitude but in talking to geologists, what is the theory as far as the plate tectonics are concerned? don't you relief a little bit of pressure every time you get these little quakes? does it help? >> the concern in the southern part of the hayward fault is it's moving faster. it starts to slow down in our area. so, in other words, some of that energy is starting to get stored and it's almost like a rubber band that gets all twisted up. eventually that thing has to let go. the question is, is when is it going to go? many of the geologists have said within 30 years here in the bay area. within that time period, we just don't know when that's going to happen. >> how about 3, though, the hat trick of earthquakes in less than a week? is that unusual? >> it's unusual to get a cluster. and i would be very, very curious to see what a geologist would have to say. but anytime you get a cluster
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of quakes that raises the possibility of maybe, is this a precursor to something larger or is this just relieving tension on the fault boundary? we don't know. >> we have an earthquake that happened around 5:36 this morning just a mile east of berkeley a 3.6. a lot of people feeling it. >> folks as far away as concord, a lot of people around the bay area waking up wondering what's happened, a lot of folks calling the station. we have spoken to a few of them. a lot of people going to our facebook page telling us where they were and how they felt it this morning. not to worry. but it was a 3.6. and, of course, just a week ago wed a 4.0 and 3.8 so a cluster, three, within a week's time. but so far no report of any damage that we know of but a bit of a jolt if you are just waking this up morning. >> we'll be getting more information but let's check the weather right now to get our thursday -- no wednesday -- no thursday. >> thursday. >> i think these quakes are fine when they're nice an small, kind of fun.
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out the door lots of sunshine clear to the coastline. and it looks like we are going to see nice warm temperatures and we are going to need it because it's chilly this morning in spots. 47 in san jose mostly clear skies there. high pressure overhead and holding on bringing temperatures up into the 70s around the bay area. looking like gorgeous weather all the way to the coastline. more on weather coming up in a few minutes. right now back to you guys. >> all right. thanks a lot, lawrence. it is 6:08. our other big story of the morning, the "occupy" movement here in the bay area, they waited all night for the cops to come. >> that they did but now we're hearing that the police are apparently not going to raid the "occupy" camp in san francisco this morning. anne makovec at justin herman plaza where there is a big sigh of relief i would imagine anne. good morning. >> reporter: yes, it is tentative relief though at this point. the camp still stands here at justin herman plaza even though there were some very strong warnings overnight that police were going to come in and raid the camp. as you can see, we still have
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an awful lot of tents here lined up and people, as well. protestors made the announcement within the last couple of hours that they are inside sources had told them that the planned police operation has been called off. they say it's because there were too many protestors and not enough police. here's some video from earlier this morning. police had been staging in the potrero hill area of san francisco. and in this video, i believe you're looking at right now, they are seen packing up much to protestors' delight. >> it looks like everything is pretty quiet. we're hoping that they won't make statement and then just come back and attack us no warning. that would be pretty dirty. >> reporter: now, overnight a lot of city leaders were out here to support the demonstration, supervisors john after lows, david campos, jane kim, david chiu and state senator lee landey.
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>> i'm part of that 99%. you know? the reality is that we have given corporate america, we have given wall street, all kinds of benefits with the t.a.r.p. money, with the bailout money on and on and on, and then yet we are at odds as elected officials at hoping that wall street and corporate america would in fact share some of the benefits. >> reporter: now, san francisco's mayor ed lee has said the protest has to go. they cannot be illegally camping overnight. he has been saying that for days. the police chief came out and set a deadline for yesterday at 6 a.m., we're obviously 24 hours past that deadline right now. and again, the camp remains. we'll see how long it remains going forward. back to you guys. >> we have been following the story very closely anne but to our other big story, did you feel the earthquake that
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happened around 5:36 this morning, anne. >> reporter: not at all. no. we did not notice it. i guess i'm too busy out here to feel earthquakes but it sounds minor. >> anne didn't feel it here in san francisco. we had reports that others have even as far as vallejo, marin county and even concord. >> yeah. some of the folks on at which timer chiming in there. out to concord, all over basically the bay area. we are going to check in now with steve walter a seismologist joining us on the telephone to give us an idea what it all means. steve, good morning. tell us, did you feel it? and, you know, this is the third one in less than a week. >> i felt this one this morning. i thought the cat this jumped up on the computer he could board and i was yelling at the cast and then i realized the house was shaking. so it was the second one i felt. i felt the one last thursday evening, as well. >> what does it mean? this is the third one based up there on the hayward fault line. you get one, it's one thing but you get three within a week, does that mean anything? should we worry or is it just part of the earth doing its
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thing? >> reporter: well, i'll have to say it's gotten our attention because it is on the hayward fault. that's the fault that we're all most worried about here in the bay area. so it's certainly not a trivial event. on the other -- it's only a 3.6 which is a light earthquake. and that's the shaking that's been produced so far. the location of today's events this morning's events, is a bit further north on the hayward. the preliminary location puts it very close to the berkeley stadium. but it turns out this area is a little more complicated geologically and the location will probably change later this morning when we have a chance to do a more high precision location. i really don't want to say too much more about the location other than that it clearly is a little north of what we saw last week. >> how unusual is it to get three, though, within a week? >> uhm, not in this cluster,
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this the -- berkeley area, uhm, there's a two or three kilometer-wide cluster that's had numerous magnitude 2s and 3s over the last 30 years. so in and of itself, it's not that unusual. >> and steve, i'm just curious you said you felt one a week ago. how did it compare to the one that you felt this morning? >> well, the one a week ago i was awake so it felt -- i noticed it more. this morning, it just woke me out of sleep. so i didn't -- wasn't able to really compare the two that way. >> we have been talking to steve walter the seismologist. thank you so much for your insight. hope your cat's okay. [ laughter ] >> we'll certainly get more information on this as it comes along. but thanks, steve. we appreciate your insight. >> a 3.6 quake in berkeley.
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elizabeth. >> it's having a minor impact on bart. so if you are planning on using bart this morning to commute to the east bay or san francisco, about 10-minute delays systemwide. this is kind of routine stuff. whenever we have an earthquake like this they hold the trains, they insuspect the tracks and once those -- they inspect the tracks and once those trains and tracks are deemed safe they begin running. probably in the next half hour they will get trains back on time. right now 10-minute bart delays. we heard from a muni spokesman, as well. they are running some of the lines manually so moving slower than usual. they hope to be up to normal in 10 minutes. slight bart and muni delays this morning. we'll show you what's going on on the roads coming up in just a little bit. back to you. >> thank you. 6:14. and again if you are just joining us, there was an earthquake around 5:36 this morning. a 3.6 magnitude quake. >> anser hassan our reporter is working his way to the scene he he is just minutes away. it was centered in the berkeley
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hills. you see it right there right near where they are basically redoing the stadium for the cal football team. we'll have live report coming up shortly and more on the earthquakes we come back so stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was centered about a mile we are back with breaking news. if you felt it, it's true. a 3.6 earthquake rattled the bay area centered in the berkeley hills this morning, right near the uc campus. >> several people called it in. we have had dozens of people make comments about it on our facebook page as well as through twitter. they say they have felt it as far away as walnut creek, concord, marin county. even some people from vallejo. we did speak with a viewer earlier this morning who said it woke her out of a dead sleep. she lives in castro valley. so a lot of people talking about how they felt it. but we haven't had any word about any kind of damage. >> it was similar to the two tremors that we had a week ago. you may remember last thursday, one hit just after 2:00. another hit later that night at
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8:00. those were a little bit bigger, 4.0 and 3.8. this one checking in at 3.6. we'll have a live report coming from berkeley on the earthquake when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at about 5:36 this morning. it rekely 6:21. in the headlines, a 3.6 earthquake shaking the bay area about 5:36 this morning centered in the berkeley hills. no reports of any damage yet. but people reported feeling it from vallejo down to concord. all around the bay area. we have a live report coming up. san francisco police meanwhile are holding off on plans to close the illegal protest camp at justin herman plaza this morning. these are live chopper 5 pictures this morning. several san francisco supervisors showed up there last night in support of the "occupy" protestors. the police are holding back. and "occupy" protestor organizers in oakland are planning a citywide strike next week. meanwhile the frank ogawa plaza is open to the public once again. police cleared the camp tuesday. they have cleaned it up prompting those clashes. how about a check of traffic and weather? >> folks, just getting up a little shaking going on here in the bay area but things
6:23 am
settling down now and the weather looking great as we are going to see sunshine all the way to the coastline. a little chilly in spots but yeah, the seasonal weather feeling good. numbers down into the 30s in parts of the north bay now. 34 degrees in the napa valley. 38 in santa rosa. 46 degrees in san jose. high pressure sticking around. minor changes looking good. mid-70s inland, 60s and sunshine even out at the coast. warmer saturday, cooler on halloween, dry over the next seven days. a15-minute delays systemwide on bart. they are holding trains to inspects the tracks the routine safety precaution because of that 3.6 tremor that we just had. also muni is running some linesmannually so they are saying to -- some lines
6:24 am
manually so they are expecting slight delays there. a couple of accidents we are following, as well. northbound 880 at embarcadero and fifth in oakland a big rig dropped a box it sounds like caused a multi-vehicle crash so traffic is stacking up at fruitvale. we'll have more after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was centered about more on that breaking news this morning. a 3.6 quake rattling the bay area about 5:36 this morning. >> it was centered just about a mile east of berkeley. we have had a lot of people coming into the newsroom and get on social media and tell us they felt it from concord to marin county and here in san francisco. frank even felt it here in our studio. >> i sure did. yeah. you were talking to lawrence and i was sitting on the anchor desk here and could feel the desk swaying a little bit and i said, is that what i think it is? we all get to the point, is that an earthquake when you're just not sure but sure enough, it was. centered right behind the uc campus where they are doing a lot of work on memorial stadium and there's the seismograph, proof right there. >> as we have been talking, this is one week after we had two earthquakes that 3.8 and the 4.0. you may have felt those last week. so a lot of people giving these earthquakes attention because of the timing of it. >> that's right. we'll have live report coming
6:28 am
up in short order. more on the earthquake. about 5:36 today, 3.6 earthquake here in the bay area. in other news, at 6:28, world markets and u.s. stock futures are high they are morning on some good news from europe. leaders there have agreed on a plan to reduce greece's debts. french president from nicolas sarkozy says it took all night to agree on the plan. they an all-nighter but he says the results will be a source of huge relief worldwide which should help out the markets here, as well. >> it will. 6:28. an attorney for dr. conrad murray is expected to call the final two witnesses in a los angeles courtroom today. murray pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the drug- related death of pop singer michael jackson. he was very emotional yesterday as you can see when the patient testified as a character witness on his behalf. closing arguments are expected to begin next week. all right. and, of course, the big talker this morning, that earthquake.
6:29 am
did you feel it? >> we certainly did here. it was a 3.6 quake. it shook the bay area centered in the berkeley hills. we have much more coming up on the quake and the rest of the morning news when we come back. ,, i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore so i just started wearing this helmet instead... which, you know, it's... to me it makes sense. i mean, it can get awkward sure, when you're meeting new people but i just explain to them that i wear it because i dropped my insurance plan, and they're like wow, this is a smart guy. i mean they don't say that out loud, but... [ male announcer ] we know it can be tough out there. that's why we offer a wide range of plans for a wide range of budgets. blue shield.
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all right. we have breaking news. if you are just waking up this morning, yes, we had a 3.6 earthquake that shook the bay area. >> right here in our studio, as
6:32 am
well. happened around 5:36, the earthquake centered a mile east of berkeley. a lot of people calling the station from up in the north country in vallejo and marin county, concord, east bay, everyone reports being woken up or as they were sipping their coffee felt it. it happened in the same area you may remember just a week ago we had those two other quakes of similar magnitude, they were bigger 3.8 and 4.0. this was 3.6. >> the epicenter just about a mile east of berkeley. and we have sent a reporter anser hassan to that area to find out a little more. let's go live to him now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. thankfully i didn't feel the earthquake myself. but as you mentioned many calls coming in to the newsroom. we talked to a couple of people here who felt it, as well. we are live near memorial stadium at uc-berkeley. getting reports of a 3.6 quake that rocked this part of town just after 5:30 this morning. we had calls to berkeley police
6:33 am
and fire as well as uc-berkeley police and fire. no reports of any injuries or damage in this part of town. as you mentioned earlier, this is the same location of the quake two of them in fact that happened last thursday. one thursday afternoon and one thursday evening. both of those between 3.8 and 4.0. this is a shorter jolt as was last week's quake described a lot more -- they were a little longer, more rolling motion. in fact they have a text message from my sister this morning who lives in san ramon saying hey did you feel the quake? woke up me and the kids. we talked to some construction crews this morning retrofitting memorial stadium here at uc- berkeley and they said the plan is to continue with construction as normal. in fact, try to get some people to talk on camera but their boss said no you have to get to work, we're running behind. they couldn't speak to us. again, 3.6 magnitude quake that rocked berkeley. we're hearing that it was one mile east of berkeley again no
6:34 am
reports of any damage or injuries. we'll continue to follow the latest throughout the rest of the morning. back to you. >> anser, how ironic that they are retrofitting, you know, the memorial stadium which is nearly 100 years old and getting a total remodel job to make it earthquake safe and lo and behold three earthquakes in less than a week rattling that old barn. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people that we spoke with that was the concern for them that that's the exact same location and exactly one week from last week. so pretty scary moment for some people for sure. >> i imagine most of the students are still in bed. no one likes to get up early as i recall. they will certainly have a tale to tell. a lot of phone cause, too, like your sister in san ramon. >> reporter: absolutely. we are getting reports of calls from across the bay in san francisco, here in the east bay as well, pinole, albany. so a lot of people felt it despite it being early in the morning. >> thanks a lot, anser hassan. and we are hearing people from as far away as marin county in
6:35 am
concord even in vallejo say that they felt this shaker early this morning at 5:36. let's check with lawrence now and you didn't feel it. frank felt it here in the studio. >> i missed the whole thing but i should mention the last major earthquake on the hayward fault occurred in 1868, and they come on average of 140 years so do the math and we are due for something big. so something to watch out for. let's talk about the weather. and the weather is looking great around the bay area. a little chillily to start in spots. 30s in the north bay valleys. sunny skies, temperatures warming up nicely by the afternoon, many 70s all around the bay area. 60s at the coast. but even sunshine out at the beaches for today. high pressure in control will continue to strengthen bringing warm sunshine into the first part of the weekend not bad on
6:36 am
sunday either and as we head toward halloween, yup, couple of spooky clouds moving in but right now it looks like sunshine and dry weather over the next seven days. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36 now. in oakland, "occupy" protestors are calling for a citywide general strike next week. organizers say it's still in the planning statements but would involve shutting down businesses and taking students out of school. meanwhile frank ogawa plaza is once again open to the public. you might remember hundreds of protestors marched all around city hall just last night. this morning, things were relatively peaceful. now, this is a really big contrast to tuesday when police dismantled the two-week-old encampment at the plaza citing safety as well as health concerns. protestors clashed with police who eventually needed tear gas, multiple rounds of it to disperse the crowd. >> our officers were assaulted
6:37 am
with bottles, rocks and hazardous materials thrown at them. >> protestors say that police were at fault. oakland protest organizers plan a general assembly at 6:00 this evening. and an iraq war veteran remains hospitalized this morning after he was injured during the chaos at the oakland protests. you said him right there. 24-year-old scott olsen of daly city was among the demonstrators when he was hit in the head and said it was some sort of projectile on tuesday. his friends believe that it was a tear gas canister that hit him on the head. olsen is in critical condition with head injuries as well as swelling on the brain. 6:37. oakland voters are not pleased with mayor quan's handling of the protests according to a new cbs 5 poll. 72% said they do not approve of the way she handled the situation. only 20% approve. as for oakland police department's response, 56% said officers were too harsh with
6:38 am
the protestors while 11% said they just weren't harsh enough. 30% say the opd's response was just about right. no raid today. this is the story from the "occupy sf" protest. police were ready and so were the protest. anne makovec has been in san francisco all morning where catchers are still at justin herman plaza. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. and we just got our most official word so far this morning that there is going to be no ride taking place today. got a tweet from state senator leland yee saying that he got official word from the san francisco pd that they have broken up their command center, no raid planned for today. but you can see there are some officers back there. they have been walking around the camp counting some of the tents here right now. still tentative relief after some very strong rumors and warnings that police were going to move in overnight and raid this encampment. protestors made the announcement a couple of hours ago that their inside sources had told them that a planned
6:39 am
police operation had been called off. they say they are not raiding because there are too many protestors and not enough police although no official word from police on that. police have been staging in the potrero hill area of san francisco. and here they are seen packing up much to protestors' delight. >> i don't know if it's credible or not. i don't know where they are getting it from necessarily. >> reporter: you still have a smile on your face. >> yeah. >> reporter: you're hopeful? >> uhm, no. i just am questioning whether or not it's credible. >> i'm pretty confident that at this point, it would be the stupidest thing that could possibly be done after the
6:40 am
board of supervisors were here and after like so many people had shown support for this including the unions and government, for them to do that, it would just be completely idiotic. >> reporter: yeah. you just heard him mention the supervisors that were out here overnight. a lot of city leaders were here supporting the demonstration john avalos, david campos, jane kim, david chiu and state senator leland yee who is also by the way running for mayor of san francisco. now, the actual mayor, ed lee, has said that this camp has to go. it is illegal. and the police have warned them that they are going to break it up. in fact, the police set a deadline of 6:00 yesterday morning. now it's been more than 24 hours since then and the camp remains. but again, it is illegal. so it's going to be interesting to see what the next step service. back to you guys. >> very interesting. >> an "l.a. times" article talking about
6:41 am
protest all around the country. i imagine san francisco no different from that. >> reporter: no wants to see anything here like we saw in oakland over the past 48 hours when there was tear gas and some violence and a lot of bad feeling between the protestors and the police. and in fact a lot of the protestors from oakland did come here to san francisco to support them in case there was a raid here. at one point there were probably several hundred maybe up to 1,000 people here at justin herman plaza to support the people who were camping and a lot of those people have gone home now, now that they believe that this encampment is safe. >> no doubt a lot of cities taking notes on what oakland did. anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. >> elizabeth has traffic. >> it has been impacting mass transit. we have two separate bart delays right now. first they were doing some routine track inspection right after that earthquake hit. just making sure that the trains and track were all safe.
6:42 am
they are wrap it up. so still about 5 possibly up to 10-minute delays systemwide. now we are hearing about a separate issue an equipment problem on the track that's impacting fremont. apparently major delays means 30 minutes just on the fremont line. so definitely delays on bart. looks like muni is back on time. a quick check following a couple of accidents. northbound 880 at 23rd, blocking one lane. just north of the coliseum. facebook about to freeze. why it's launching a new project at the arctic circle. >> it's everywhere. more on the east bay quake from this morning. the latest in a live report coming up state ahead. >> let's check the market which opened about 12 minutes ago. now, we know the big news that deal to stop europe's debt crisis and apparently investors like it a whole lot.
6:43 am
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it was centered about a mile east of berkeley. several
6:46 am
called our newsro more on our breaking news, 3.6 quake centered just about one mile east of berkeley at 5:36 this morning. a lot of people of called the newsroom people as far as vallejo, concord, even marin county say this woke them up out of a dead sleep this morning. a lot of people felt the shaking . liam just walked in and said he woke up out of bed because of the shaking. i felt it here in the studio. it's the third quake we have had in less than a week. a week ago we had a 3.8 and 4.0. more on the earthquake. first lawrence has the thursday forecast. >> i think it's going to be a nice day around bay area weather-wise lots of sunshine but chilly out the door this morning. mostly clear skies and we are looking good to begin with. by the afternoon much the same. chopper 5 up there checking it out. a few high clouds, otherwise mostly clear skies. looking like plenty of sunshine around the bay area. temperatures, yeah, a little cool in spots this morning.
6:47 am
a little chilly especially in the north bay but by the afternoon plenty of sunshine and some seasonal weather. still, those temperatures have dropped off well into the 30s in the napa area also into santa rosa this morning. 42 in livermore. and 44 degrees in redwood city. high pressure in control will stay that way probably strength eng a little bit but minor changes over the next couple of days. if you enjoy the weather you will enjoy the next few days, plenty of sunshine and nice temperatures by the afternoon. 70 in san francisco, 67 in pacifica and about 74 degrees in concord. as we look out over the next few days, probably a little bit warmer into saturday then maybe some slight cooling into sunday. cloudy on monday but no rain in the forecast. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we have been following a couple of accidents. chopper 5 is heading towards one of them. i believe they are over the nimitz right now. 880 i think they are close to the coliseum. let's go out live and see what they're looking at. you can see everything is flying okay through this
6:48 am
stretch. northbound 880 by 23rd is one of the accidents we have been following. it is in oakland. it was just cleared to the right shoulder. at last check traffic was stacking up towards high street but we think things should quickly improve. let's talk about the second accident of the morning we are also following this. one is on northbound 238 right by east 14th street. emergency crews are still blocking one right lane. so as you can see from all that slowing on our sensors, it is definitely stacking up stil delays are growing castro valleywide. we have been watching bart closely as well right after the quake hit with routine track inspection. making sure routine stuff that the trains were all safe, tracks were all okay. that should be wrapping up. now, we were still hearing of possibly five-minute delays systemwide because of the routine inspections. now completely separate issue there was an equipment problem on the tracks on the fremont line. it sounded as though it was near the bay fair exit. the bay fair stop. so apparently major delays just
6:49 am
impacting the fremont bart line in all directions right there by bay fair. so once again, major delays usually mean about 30 minutes. so basically delays for bart. bay bridge this is actually just your usual stuff through here. they turned the metering lights on around 6:15 so now it's stacking up beyond the 880 overcrossing. we'll have much more traffic and weather coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. palo alto based facebook is building its first server outside the u.s. to help improve performance for european users. the data center will be in sweden and facebook picked the country because of its cold climat partly. the chill is good to keep the servers cool. facebook stores all its data and sites here in the u.s. it took all night but there is a new financial plan in europe this morning. >> it's good news. here to talk about it jason brooks with kcbs and
6:50 am i guess the market is responding. >> i think there's no other way to put it. the market is absolutely enthused that european leaders basically came up with a bazooka to tackle the ever worsening debt crisis in europe. private investors on greek debt will take 50% losses to help greece restructure itself. they are expanding the bailout fund in europe to 1.5 trillion dollars to handle the issue going forward. this is just a near-term solution maybe giving europe a couple of years of breathing room. still some fundamental changes need to occur to ensure this won't continue down the road but nevertheless the markets very excited about that. also getting some help from of all things the u.s. economy. turns out that the economy grew by 2.5% in the 3rd quarter. nearly doubling the pace from the 2nd quarter. and tripling the pace for the first half of the year. consumer spending helped out. rising about 2.5%. that also tripling the pace of
6:51 am
what it did in the 1st quarter. let's look at the stock market right now. the dow is up by 231 points at 12,100. first time the dow is above 12,000 since august 1. nasdaq is up 61. s&p up by 29. of course with that, frank and grace, oil is also on the rise up about $3 a barrel so no break at the pump. >> the market is heading north. that's good. >> reporter: absolutely. we'll take. >> thank you, -- thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and we go from the economy to movies, music and theater because they are all topping liam's list today. >> that means it's thursday, plus where kids want to go for the pumpkin fields and the autumn rights to. "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem joins us now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and grace. good morning to you at home. a busy weekend. let's talk movies first of all and antonio banderas and salma hayek pair up for the latest an made movie. the famous french cat puss in boots goes hispanic.
6:52 am
banderas as puss and hayek as kitty softlove. they are a dream team. they enjoyed rare studio time together for the voice parts. and it really shows. the animation in this film is also incredibly strong. it's done with a lot of contemporary humor. a must-see, family film, i think frank and grace, and you at home will enjoy this weekend opens tomorrow. next up, let's talk music and the brit popsters. fifth studio album we're talking coldplay. it shines and shimmers but the overproduction explains why this record took longer than planned. more than three years. milo has a more industrial sound here but songs build to a crescendo with echoes of the musical u-2. the voice not the best but packs an emotional punch in the songs. this is not the best coldplay record hate to say but it will stick with you like unwanted moss on a roof. it will grow on you, too.
6:53 am
there you go. coldplay. next, more than 40 years ago, a production called "hair" raised eyebrows. the touring production is back in san francisco for a three- week run at the golden gate theater. it opened last night. so i say to you, escape to the theater, swing along on your bellbottoms, it's set in vietnam era america in the mid- 60s 60s. it shows how one generation really shaped that generation. you're going to love it. you'll know the songs. hair now playing in san francisco. next up for the kids it's pumpkin time. halloween and pumpkin events all over the bay area this weekend but i say head to pumpkin capital of the u.s., half moon bay, the spot to be this weekend. farmer john's pumpkin patch a treat for the kids always. look at the whoppers there. what a sight to see. go to half moon bay for all things pumpkin this weekend.
6:54 am
finally, a book lastite am i bought it steve jobs by walter isaacson the most revealing look at the tech giant but you have to buy this book, support your local bookstore, don't get it online. go to your neighborhood store. it's a gripping read, 24 hours, 150 pages in. >> not cheap, eithe -- 35 bucks, plus cap. >> coldplay, puss n boots at the theater, "hair" also at the theater half moon bay for your pumpkins and "steve jobs" the full list later at whew. have a wonderful weekend. >> you got woken up by the earthquake? >> a little jolt out of bed the alarm didn't go off but that certainly did. >> that will work. >> thank you. it is 6:54. and people across the bay area talking about that earthquake. getting them out of bed. we'll have the latest on the 3.6 quake that was centered near berkeley. >> and cheers from the "occupy sf" camp this morning. why they are celebrating a big victory over the police. that and much more coming up.
6:55 am
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. e prepared through san francisco police call off a raid on justin herman plaza this morning. we have live pictures here. officers were prepared through the night to clear all of these
6:58 am
illegal campers from the plaza but as you can see, that did not happen. the word is that there were too many protest for the number of available officers. a large number came from other areas in order to support the san francisco group. state senator leland yee sent a tweet this morning confirming that the police raid has been called off this morning. and we also continue to follow a developing news this morning a 3.6 quake rattled here in the bay area. >> woke a lot of folks up out of bed this morning. it was centered a mile east of berkeley. right now there are no reports of damage or injuries. but that could change. show, you know, this is the same location where a pair of earthquakes struck a week ago similar magnitude. several viewers calling the newsroom to tell us how they felt it. >> a lot of you went on our facebook page to tell us how it felt. james jimenez from concord said, i have been up for over an hour, so i was wide awake, fed the rumble, felt like a good jolt.
6:59 am
no need for my coffee this morning. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure there is no need for your coffee. you can see share your comments on our cbs 5 facebook page. a lot of people have. >> my facebook page i have one guy say i was scared like a cat. [ laughter ] >> guess he had just gotten up. it was like oh, my goodness. no damage to report yet. but we have had three. so a little bit of concern there. >> let's check in with lawrence for a little more. >> i'm right next to you and i didn't feel a thing. >> i felt it. >> not me. i didn't. just frank. [ laughter ] >> i could feel the desk doing one of these things while you guys were chitchatting. i go earthquake? >> he is going to be our huma seismograph. >> plenty of sunshine, warm all the way to the coastline, 60s there. 70s inland. warmer into the weekend. elizabeth? >> and a couple of accidents following including this one in san leandro is cleared, northbound 238 east 14th. 880 through oakland cleared. things i am improving. >> we are out of time. see you later. >> caption colorado, llc comments@capco


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